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The Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria (APN) was first mooted in 1969 and inaugurated in 1970. At the onset of psychiatry practice in Nigeria, many of the pioneer psychiatrists worked within government establishments in the university system and in federal and state government owned hospitals.
Today, the APN has grown in membership and reach to now include specialists and trainees in public and private spheres of clinical and academic activity. The members of the association consist of psychiatrists and registered affiliates from all over the country and the diaspora.


Dr. Taiwo Lateef Sheikh President
Dr. Olaidopo A. Adepoju, MBBS, FWACP Vice President
Dr. Joyce O. Omoaregba MBBS, FWACP, MSC (Clinical Psychology), FIPM Secretary-General
Dr. Appolos C. Ndukuba MBBS (Nig), FWACP Assistant Secretary General
Dr. Kingsley M. Okonoda MBChB (Ife), FWACP, Cert LMIH (University of Washington), Cert Implementation Science (University of Washington), MPH, FCAI Auditor
Dr Okunrinboye pic
Dr. Hannah Iyabo Okunrinboye MBBS, FMCPsy Auditor











The Association reported in 1996 that the Country had Psychiatric units/department/wards:

  • Teaching Hospitals                   15
  • Federal Psychiatric Hospitals    8
  • State General Hospitals             6
  • Private Psychiatric Hospitals    15
  • Registered Psychiatrists          110
  • Registered Associates               30
  • Education Committee
  • Public Enlightenment Committee Business Committee
  • Editorial & Publication Committee
  • Committee for Zonal Activities

1. Annual Conferences & Annual General Meeting
2. Executive Committee Meetings
3. Zonal Activities on Public Enlightenment Programmes including Conferences/Seminars/Workshops on Topical Mental Health issues.
4. The Association maintains linkages with Government and Non-Governmental organizations for a coordinated approach to the provision of adequate Mental Health Services/Training and Research in Nigeria and globally.
5. The Association is currently working to amend the Mental Health Decree(Act) which is to be forwarded to the legislative arm of Government for signing into law.


“Early Identification and Treatment of Depression” – A Public Enlightenment Programme The Problem of Vagrants in the Society.
Dealing with Stigma in Psychiatry

  • The following are the main publications of the Association.
  • The Nigerian Journal of Psychiatry – Quarterly The Psychiatric Bulletin -Quarterly.

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