League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -7


• The Nigerian company EUANIDS DESIGN is a registered consultancy firm with a team of experienced licensed architects, chartered engineers, cost surveyors and developers. EUANIDS DESIGN is working closely with our United States consulting architect, Jan Madey, A.I.A.
• EUANIDS DESIGN have extensive experience in architecture and engineering projects in the region where the hospital will be built. EUANIDS DESIGN’s business offices are located in the City of Onitsha, Anambra State and the City of Asaba, Delta State.
• The EUANIDS DESIGN chief architect is Onyeneto Chike Jangs, Architect, with ARCON Practice License Number F/3338. ARCON is the acronym that in Nigeria signifies “Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria,” the official agency responsible for registering and monitoring the nation’s architects to protect the public from unsafe architectural practices in Nigeria.
• Mr. Jangs is also a member of NIA, the Nigerian Institute of Architects. His NIA member Number is M/3455. The Nigerian Institute of Architects is the policy making body of and by architects in Nigeria.
• EUANIDS DESIGN has obtained written, certified, approvals for this hospital project from the Anambra State Physical Planning Board, Awka, Anambra State; and from the Ogbaru L.G.A. (Local Government Area) where the the hospital site is located. The hospital design adheres to applicable codes and standards, among them those set by the Facility Guideline Institute (FGI – 2014), National Fire Protection Association NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2015), and the International Building Codes (IBC – 2015), as well as other local regulations.
• EUANIDS engineers this year (2020) performed environmental impact and sub-soil condition studies. The reports have been registered and approved by the relevant governmental authorities. The Environmental Impact Assessment Report (E.I.A) provides assurances that our proposed hospital in Okoti-Odekpe, Ogbaru L.G.A., Anambra State is compliant with all requirements. Sub-soil conditions, ground water strata, and soil chemistry, important factors for developing a proper, resilient, foundation design for the hospital, were carefully studied and scientifically documented by a crew of EUANIDS DESIGN testing technicians and controlled by the Anambra State Materials Testing Laboratory, Awka, the State capital of Anambra State who also were present on-site during the testing.

  • League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -8
  • League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -3
  • League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -6
  • League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -6
  • Plat map of proposed hospital site
  • League Medical and Mental Health Hospital -5

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