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ABOUT EUANIDS DESIGN, NIGERIA • The Nigerian company EUANIDS DESIGN is a registered consultancy firm with a team of experienced licensed architects, chartered engineers, cost surveyors and developers. EUANIDS DESIGN is working closely with our United States consulting architect, Jan Madey, A.I.A.• EUANIDS DESIGN have extensive experience in architecture and engineering projects in the region where the hospital will be built. EUANIDS DESIGN’s business offices are located in the City of Onitsha, Anambra State and the City of Asaba, Delta State.• The EUANIDS DESIGN chief architect is Onyeneto Chike Jangs, Architect, with ARCON Practice License Number F/3338. ARCON is the acronym that in Nigeria signifies “Architects Registration Council Of Nigeria,”… Read More

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On October 25, 2019, the Minister of Health of Nigeria announced its recent effort to improve health care in Nigeria. The federal Health Ministry will begin consulting with foreign governments to discuss how to lure 1,000 “expert” foreign doctors to practice in Nigeria, a country with 200-million population. Nigerian news media were incredulous. The well-documented problem with Nigerian health care is the widespread lack of internationally acceptable medical facilities and equipment for secondary and tertiary hospital care. It is true that a handful of private hospitals in major cities like Abuja and Lagos are able to provide healthcare in certain specialties. The costs for those procedures are expensive, well beyond… Read More

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TED Talk – Without Adequate Medical Facilities

Dr Seyl Oyesola, cardiologist and missionary Seyl Oyesola, M.D., was born in Nigeria but spent much of his childhood growing up in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 2005, Dr. Oyesola collaborated with Alexander Bushell, to develop high quality – but compact – hospital equipment.  He used their invention during his many mission trips to perform heart surgery in Nigeria.  But without adequate infrastructure support, he and his medical team encountered many challenges in his efforts to care for his patients – challenges he overcame with ingenuity and perseverance.  Here in the edited version of his TED Talk, are the messages we found most interesting, and supportive of our project.  Dr. Oyesola is… Read More

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TED Talk – World Class Health Care – Alternative Solution

Ernest Madu, M.D., is a 58 year old cardiologist and Entrepreneur.  His specialty is nuclear cardiology.  He has successfully focused his energies on providing affordable public healthcare in low-resource nations.  His TED Talk explains the urgent need to find alternative solutions to providing healthcare for the poor of Africa, specifically, Nigeria.  While Dr. Madu is not directly involved with our organization.  The thoughts he expresses in the portions of his TED Talk that we present here, give further support for our project – we need to build a Western style hospital for the poor in southeastern Nigeria.     We found Dr. Madu’s entire TED Talk HERE. Return to previous… Read More

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Because we can.

” Because we can … In my home town of Houston, Texas, few people do not have access to quality health care. In Okoti-Odekpe, Nigeria, few people do have access to quality health care. Build a hospital in Houston and you do a good thing. Build one in Okoti-Odekpe and you change a piece of the world in a profound way. I believe this effort will bring hope where there is despair; wellness where there is sickness; opportunities where there are limitations and systemic, sustainable growth where there is a compelling need. What a gift – what a legacy: ‘they built a hospital where there was none’. Please join us… Read More

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Physical Health and Psychiatric Disorder in Nigeria

PHYSICAL HEALTH AND PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER IN NIGERIA By: R.J.M Collis (This paper about psychiatric treatment of the poor in Yoruba villages in northwestern Nigeria, was published by the American Philosophical Society in 1966 barely six years after Nigeria gained independence from England. Nevertheless, Dr. Collins’ observations are just as valid fifty years later as our organization works to build a Western style hospital – The Catholic League Medical and Mental Hospital –for rural communities in and around Okoti, Odekpe, Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria.) NOTE: The text that follows here is a condensed version of Dr. Collis’ much longer and highly detailed clinical report. To read a PDF file of… Read More

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Evolution of Modern Psychiatric Care in Nigeria

  EVOLUTION OF MODERN PSYCHIATRIC CARE IN NIGERIA (STUDY PUBLISHED IN 1976, BUT STILL INSTRUCTIVE TODAY) PREAMBLE The future of modern psychiatric care in Nigeria inevitably presupposes a cursory look into the past and the present trends in the country’s mental health program. First, psychiatric patients tend to seek care from assorted traditional healers prior to their admission to modern psychiatric facilities. This is not necessarily indicative of the unavailability of general practitioners (which is in fact the case with Nigeria), but due to the world-view of the patients and significant others. The etiology of mental illness is rooted in evil machination of the enemy, cosmic forces, or excessive strain… Read More

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