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Because we can.

” Because we can … In my home town of Houston, Texas, few people do not have access to quality health care. In Okoti-Odekpe, Nigeria, few people do have access to quality health care. Build a hospital in Houston and you do a good thing. Build one in Okoti-Odekpe and you change a piece of the world in a profound way. I believe this effort will bring hope where there is despair; wellness where there is sickness; opportunities where there are limitations and systemic, sustainable growth where there is a compelling need. What a gift – what a legacy: ‘they built a hospital where there was none’. Please join us… Read More

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Picture of Ignacio Valdes, M.D.

Mental Health Issues For The Poor in Nigeria

I am Ignacio Valdes, MD, a psychiatrist with a practice in Houston, Texas. I am acquainted with the urgent need for providing psychological care and psychiatric treatment for the poor of Nigeria, as a result of my practice here in Houston.  I volunteered to assist Fr John with this important – difficult – effort, to build a Western style hospital, to be called the Catholic League Medical and Mental Health Hospital at Okoti-Odekpe, Anambra State, Nigeria. I urge you to go to the “Learning Corner” tab of this website.  We have posted some of the many expert papers which describe long-standing mental health and medical healthcare problems that today continue… Read More

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Picture of Bruce Ehni, M.D.

High Quality Health Care Is Critical

Quality health care is important, especially for the poor in developing countries.  It can be a matter of life and death. I am Houston neurosurgeon Bruce Ehni, MD, and I personally know how important it is to receive healthcare at a hospital from physician.  In developing countries, the dangers of self-medication are even more evident than they are here in the United States.  For me, self-medication almost led to disaster. Fifteen years ago, I became acutely ill with an abrupt onset of ulcerative colitis. I went to gastroenterologist Craig Johnson, MD, who performed a colonoscopy and prescribed Azulfidine. That worked and I settled into a pattern of a bout with… Read More

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The Journey Begins

How do you – sitting in Houston – design a new hospital for rural Nigeria that will operate according to internationally recognized standards for medical and mental health care? That was the challenge facing me when I answered Fr. John Ugobueze’s call for a volunteer AIA architect.  I have helped major medical corporations, along with a team of other architects, in designing and overseeing the building of new hospitals in the United States and overseas.  So I am no stranger to such tasks.  Local building standards and building techniques differ from country to country, but the strict international standards of conceptualizing and designing a hospital places a high burden of… Read More

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