John Regnier, Shell USA (retired)
Director Emeritus

John Regnier, Director Emeritus

John Regnier did his undergraduate and graduate work at Creighton and Iowa Universities. He worked for Shell Oil for 33 years before retiring in 2000. Professionally, during his lengthy career as an executive with Shell Oil – USA, John held a variety of high level assignments in Human Resources, Governmental Affairs, Refining, and Organizational Consulting. For the last 10 years of his career, John was the principal manager of the Corporate Human Resources Organization for Shell Oil – USA. Now, John is very active at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, Houston, Texas, serving as an Instituted Acolyte and a volunteer advisor for fund-development efforts.

Personal Note from John: “In my home town of Houston, Texas, few people do not have access to quality health care. In Okoti-Odekpe, Nigeria, few people do have access to quality health care. Build a hospital in Houston and you do a good thing. Build one in Okoti-Odekpe and you change a piece of the world in a profound way. I believe this effort will bring hope where there is despair; wellness where there is sickness; opportunities where there are limitations and systemic, sustainable growth where there is a compelling need. What a gift – what a legacy: ‘they built a hospital where there was none’. Please join us in this noble task.”