Mr. Jan Madey, Architect, United States
Mr. Madey is our United States based Architect.

Mr. Madey also serves on our Board of Directors. He volunteered to hold lengthy, detailed consultations with Board members and developed the preliminary concept renderings in 2018 as our project began to take shape.
He is our primary United States architectural consultant, auditing the work of the Nigerian architects as they submit their work product. Mr. Madey is an architect with over 30 years’ experience in design of hospitals and other medical and commercial research centers in Houston, throughout the United States, and Overseas. Prior to retiring, he held the position of Senior Project Manager and Laboratory Planner at Huitt-Zollars/Morris. In addition to providing advice to Fr. John and our Board, Mr. Madey is harnessing his multiple talents as our group’s key professional during the concept design stage of the planned Western style hospital that Fr. John wishes to be built in Okoti-Odekpe, Anambra, Nigeria. His team portfolio includes the The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Rice University, Houston, Texas. He is known in architecture circles for his extensive international perspective. Mr. Madey earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. He and his wife split his retirement years between homes in Houston and Italy.

Mr. Onyeneto Jangs
Mr. Onyeneto Jangs, EUANIDS, Onitsha
Mr. Onyeneto’s EUANIDS is the Architect in Nigeria

The Catholic League for the Poor of Nigeria, Inc., has commissioned EUANIDS DESIGN, a Nigerian Architect Company with design and construction experience in the region where the hospital will be built. Their job is to develop a design concept appropriate for resilient, high-quality construction in Nigeria. His firm’s team of experienced, licensed, architects, engineers, cost surveyors and developer personnel consult in important areas with Mr. Jan Madey, our United States architect. EUANIDS DESIGN will certify that the project will qualify for all required governmental permits and regulations and meet hospital international construction standards. Their architect and engineering teams are cognizant of the local factors that will affect the construction of a Western style hospital in Nigeria. EUANIDS DESIGN have already developed, and reported to our Board, comprehensive analyses of critical areas such as environmental impact, preliminary and continuing engineering work, and soil testing at the site. They have begun to obtain all necessary project permits. Based on their studies in 2020, EUNIDS architects now have developed comprehensive design concept plans, with technical site reports, architectural renderings, and a detailed preliminary schedule of structural materials and construction techniques that will be necessary to begin construction. Some of their 3D design concept drawings for the League Medical and Mental Health Hospital are found throughout our website.