TED Talks About Nigeria Health Care

The challenges that arise when attempting to provide Western style quality health care and treatment for mentally ill patients in the economically deprived areas of a developing country such as Nigeria have been studied since the early 1960’s.  Now, however, Fr. John’s idea of establishing Western style hospital care for the poor, has begun to grow roots among medical professionals with an entrepreneurial bent.  This page provides two examples of African physicians who have explored solutions to the problem in their own way.

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TED Talk – Without Adequate Medical Facilities

Dr Seyl Oyesola, cardiologist and missionary Seyl Oyesola, M.D., was born in Nigeria but spent much of his childhood growing up in Cleveland, Ohio.  In 2005, Dr. Oyesola collaborated with Alexander Bushell, to develop high quality – but compact – hospital equipment.  He used their invention during his many mission trips to perform heart surgery in Nigeria.  But without adequate infrastructure support, he and his medical team encountered many challenges in his efforts to care for his patients – challenges he overcame with ingenuity and perseverance.  Here in the edited version of his TED Talk, are the messages we found most interesting, and supportive of our project.  Dr. Oyesola is… Read More

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TED Talk – World Class Health Care – Alternative Solution

Ernest Madu, M.D., is a 58 year old cardiologist and Entrepreneur.  His specialty is nuclear cardiology.  He has successfully focused his energies on providing affordable public healthcare in low-resource nations.  His TED Talk explains the urgent need to find alternative solutions to providing healthcare for the poor of Africa, specifically, Nigeria.  While Dr. Madu is not directly involved with our organization.  The thoughts he expresses in the portions of his TED Talk that we present here, give further support for our project – we need to build a Western style hospital for the poor in southeastern Nigeria.     We found Dr. Madu’s entire TED Talk HERE. Return to previous… Read More

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