Hospital Drawing Aerial View
Aerial view – League Medical and Mental Health Hospital


The Catholic League Medical and Mental Health Hospital will comprise three buildings: A 3-story administration center with surgical theaters, pharmacy, engineering, and patient receiving areas and all collateral components, and two hospital wings housing, respectively, the surgical recovery/medical care units, and the mental health treatment facility.

Building a modern hospital equipped with the latest equipment is a tremendous undertaking, but we continue to work on our mission to help the poor of Nigeria.  As we continue to gather funds for the project from many individuals who become aware of Fr. John’s vision, we have gone on to the next step in the design/building process. We have commissioned EUANIDS DESIGN, a Nigerian Consultant Architect and Engineering Company. They have pledged to develop design concept drawings appropriate for Nigeria, to study all necessary factors, such as environmental, engineering, and soil conditions and obtain all necessary project permits. The hospital will be built on land donated by the local chief and his community to build a modern hospital for the Nigerian poor.

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